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"WW2 German K98 Bayonet 41 cof"
"WW2 German Bayonet 41 cof"
"K98 bayonet with 41 cof code"
Nazi K98 Bayonet (coded "41 cof") with Matching Numbers and Frog. This bayonet features an extremely fine unsharpened blued steel blade with the serial number "6531b" and maker's code "41 cof" that match the markings on the scabbard. This bayonet has black bakelite grip plates. Most of the bluing on the grip's metal parts is mixed with rust freckling. The steel scabbard has no significant dents and has lost its blued finish with some surface rust present. The fine black leather frog features white stitching and has a very faint maker's logo on the belt loop...$225. SOLD

"Hitler Youth Belt Buckle RZM M/4/27"
Nazi Hitler Youth Nickeled Steel Belt Buckle. This is an outstanding original HJ belt buckle with nickeled finish. The buckle features the RZM maker's code marking "RZM M/4/27" (Overhoff & Co., Ludenscheid maker) on the back side of the buckle...$90. SOLD

"SA Dagger by SMF"
Nazi SA Dagger by SMF with Hanger Clip. This is a nice original earlier SA dagger with the SMF maker's logo on the bright steel blade which has been polished. The blade has scattered surface rust spots which have been cleaned, and has the "Alles fur Deutschland" motto deeply acid-etched onto the blade. The extremely fine and attractive wood handle features a nickel eagle/swastika inset. The chromed fittings on the dagger and scabbard are very nice and bright, with all four original scabbard screws present. This dagger comes with a nice leather hanger with chromed clip. The hanger shows honest wear to the leather by the clip. The brown paint finish appears to be original, but I'm not absolutely sure. There is a light depression dent near the scabbard mid-section. The bottom scabbard fitting has the usual dented ball tip. The crossguard is marked "Wf"...$475. SOLD

"Luftschutz Helmet Gladiator Style"
Nazi Luftschutz "Gladiator-Style" Helmet with Liner and Chin Strap. This is one of the BEST examples of the Luftschutz "gladiator-style" helmets I've ever offered. The near excellent steel helmet body retains about 93% of its original black paint finish. This larger size helmet is size-marked "58" on the extremely fine light leather liner. The original black leather chin strap also rates extremely fine with both steel buckles present. The helmet bears white Luftschutz issue markings on the inside back apron, along with stamped letters and numerals…$350. SOLD

"SS Mountain Troop Eidelweiss Patch"
"SS Embroidered Patch"
Nazi SS Mountain Troop "Eidelweiss" Sleeve Patch. This is an extremely fine black wool patch with light grey and yellow embroidered eidelweiss flower. This patch measures about 2 7/8 inches high...$110. SOLD

"SS Himmler Document"
"SS Larger Document"
Nazi SS Presentation Document. This is an impressive and scarce original larger unissued document "in Honor of Service to the SS-Verfugungs-Truppe". This document measures about 10" x 13 1/2" and bears the facsimile signature of Heinrich Himmler. There is some water-staining to the document, but overall it is an impressive document worthy of framing for display with your SS collection…$195. SOLD

"WW2 German Presentation Booklet"
"1938 German Presentation Booklet"
Nazi 1938 Labor Appreciation Presentation Booklet for "Border Protection". This is a near excellent high quality presentation booklet with embossed eagle/swastika on the cover. It was presented in 1938 to a laborer named "Franz Hubner" and includes a forward message by Adolf Hitler with facsimile signature, plus numerous printed sketches of workers laboring on border protection of the Reich. The booklet measures about 6 3/4" x 9"…$75. SOLD

"Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander"
"Arbeitsbuch for Soviet Laborer"
Nazi "ARBEITSBUCH FUR AUSLANDER" Soviet Labor Record Book. This is a very fine example of the labor record book for a young Soviet worker for the Third Reich and includes his photograph…$45. SOLD

"WW2 German Cavalry Shoulder Straps"
"WW2 German Cavalry Shoulder Straps"
Nazi Cavalry Officer's Slip-On Shoulder Straps. This is a matched pair of very fine officer's shoulder straps with each featuring a gold-finished rank pip (Oberleutnant rank) and gold-finished numerals…$125 pair. SOLD

"NSKOV Hat Badge"
Nazi NSKOV Visor Hat Eagle Badge. This is an extremely fine example of this larger silver-finished grey metal badge having a vertical mounting pin on back. The badge measures about 1 7/8 inches high and features the RZM maker's code "M1/52" (Deschler & Sohn, Munich maker) on the reverse side. The NSKOV was a Nazi organization to support disabled war veterans…$65. SOLD

"WHW 1936/37 Tinnie Badge"
Nazi 1936/37 Winterhilfswerk "Tinnie" Badge. This is a near excellent high quality polished aluminum badge for the WHW donation drive for the winter of 1936-37. The badge measures about 2" high and is maker-marked "CARL WILD HAMBURG" on the reverse side…$25. SOLD

"WW2 German Army Breast Eagle"
WWII German Nazi Army EM "Subdued" Breast Eagle Patch Insignia. This is an excellent full-size (about 4 1/4" wingspan) breast eagle patch that is folded along the edges and is ready for sewing onto a combat tunic…$60. SOLD

"SA Sports Badge in Bronze"
Nazi SA Bronze Sports Badge with Serial Number (missing catch). This is an extremely fine badge except that the pin catch is missing. The badge features the stamped serial number "14611" and maker's markings…$65. SOLD

"Luftwaffe Flak Helper Patch"
Nazi Luftwaffe Flak Helper Patch. This is an original triangular embroidered patch with an embroidered blue Luftwaffe eagle/swastika and lettering…$40. SOLD

"Luftwaffe Specialty Flight Personnel Patch"
Nazi Luftwaffe Flight Personnel Specialty Patch. This is an excellent embroidered patch featuring a lighter grey winged propeller embroidered onto a dark grey wool patch…$20. SOLD

"Political Leader belt buckle with RZM Marking"
"Political Leader belt buckle with RZM marking"
Nazi Political Leader's Gold-Gilted Open Face Buckle with RZM Marking. This is a very nice larger double-claw open face buckle with a gold-gilt finish to the pebbled buckle surface. The buckle measures about 3" tall and bears an "RZM 72" maker's code marking...$35. SOLD

"WW2 German RAD shoulder strap"
"Reichsarbeitsdienst Shoulder Board"
Nazi RAD (?) Shoulder Strap. This is an excellent high quality shoulder strap with heavy black rigid felt underlay and top interwoven light grey cording with thin black striping. I was informed that this is not an SS shoulder strap, but might be a RAD Labor Corps strap…$25. SOLD

"Political Leader Visor Hat Cockade Button"
"Political Leader Visor Hat Cockade Button"
Nazi Political Leader's Visor Hat Cockade Button. This is an outstanding example with nice red-and-black enamel work on the silver-finished button. All mounting prongs are present. The reverse side features RZM maker's code markings…$25. SOLD

"WW2 German RAD Sports Shirt Patch"
Nazi RAD Sports Shirt Patch. This is an excellent larger embroidered patch for the sports shirt of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD), which was the labor corps during the Nazi era. The patch measures about 4" x 4 3/4"…$25. SOLD

"40 Year Faithful Service Medal with Case"
"40 Year German Medal"
Nazi 40-Year Faithful Service Medal with Case. This is a nice set with a near excellent gold-gilt medal having a black enameled swastika and ribbed blue ribbon with mounting pin attached. The top cover of the hard hinged red case has the gold-embossed number "40" surrounded by oakleaves. The case shows some scuffing with the closing button missing a piece and not functioning. The padded white inner lining shows some damage. The case is maker-marked "Deschler & Sohn, Munchen" on the white inner lining…$95. SOLD

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