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Nazi Dagger Portapee. This is a near excellent silver/aluminum bullion portapee with an overall length of about 19" including the "acorn" end. This is one of the best we have offered...$60. SOLD

WWI German Medal Bar
WWI German Medal Bar
WWI Imperial German Three-Medal Bar. This is an outstanding original medal bar featuring a German 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, 1914-1918 Honor Cross with Swords and a 1914-1918 "PRO DEO ET PATRIA" Austro-Hungarian Medal. Each has its very nice original ribbon. The reverse side of the medal bar features green felt backing and a long brass horizontal mounting pin...$175. SOLD

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Nazi "Schloss Klessheim" Castle Dinner Fork by Krupp-Berndorf. This is an outstanding very fine 7 1/4" long dinner fork marked on the handle with the official eagle/swastika pattern of the Klessheim palace. This silver-plated dinner fork features the Krupp-Berndorf maker's marking that the firm used from 1938 through 1945. The fork handle also features silver plate weight or thickness numbers. Schloss Klessheim is located in Austria not far from Adolf Hitler's home in Berchtesgaden. The Klessheim palace was used by Third Reich government leaders for hosting foreign heads of state and for diplomatic banquets...$125. SOLD

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Nazi Frauenschaft Member's Badge. This is a high quality enameled badge measuring about 1 1/4" high. This badge bears the RZM maker's code "M1/34" and has a vertical mounting pin...$40. SOLD

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Nazi Silver Wound Badge Numbered "30". This is a classic example of the solid badge having the maker's code "30" in raised numerals on the reverse side. Vertical steel mounting pin...$65. SOLD

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Nazi Afrika Korps Pith Helmet Insignia Plaques. This is a set of two aluminum insignia plaques, both in near excellent condition. Both have all three mounting prongs. The eagle/swastika plaque is maker-marked "JR&S" and the national colors plaque is maker-marked "Sa" within a triangle...$65 set. SOLD

SA-Mann by Elastolin
SA-Mann by Elastolin
SA-Mann by Elastolin
Nazi pre-1945 Toy SA "Storm Trooper" Figure by Elastolin. This is a fine example of the original hand-painted SA figure produced by the Elastolin firm. These figures are made of compressed glued sawdust and clay with a wire frame and it has the usual age cracks This figure measures about 3 1/8" high...$75. SOLD

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Later War Hitler Youth Membership Badge. This is an excellent later war painted badge on grey metal. The reverse side features a vertical mounting pin and the RZM maker's code "M1/47"...$45. SOLD

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Nazi 1935 "SEEFAHRT IST NOT" Tinnie Badge. This is an outstanding solid aluminum badge with nice detail. This badge features the maker's marking "G. FR. KECK & SOHN, PFORZHEIM" and a horizontal mounting pin...$30. SOLD

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Nazi Studentbund Member's Stickpin Badge. This is a near excellent stickpin with the earlier enameled diamond-shaped badge section that is maker-coded "RZM M1/52". This stickpin features a knurled "twisted pattern" pin...$65. SOLD

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Nazi RAD Hat Badge. This is a near excellent high quality silver-finished badge with lovely red-white-black enamel work on the spade. This badge features both mounting prongs and is marked "RADJ" and "W.D. 37". The badge measures about 1 3/8 inches high...$65. SOLD

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Nazi Iron Cross 1st Class in Partial Case. This is an outstanding Iron Cross with almost all of its original black paint finish on the magnetic iron center. The silver frame features a nice even age patina. The mounting pin is unmarked. This Iron Cross comes with part of its original case...$250. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Early Nazi Hitler Youth Knife with Motto by Gebruder Bell. This is an earlier HJ knife with a barely visible "Blut und Ehre" motto on the blade. The fine blade has no significant edge nicks and bears the maker's logo for Gebruder Bell. The black checkered grip panels have no cracks or chips. The enameled HJ diamond inset is extremely fine plus. This knife shows typical honest wear to finish. The undented steel scabbard retains very little of the original black paint finish. The leather belt loop and strap have one center rivet missing but is still functional and complete with typical age...$275. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Afrika Korps Pith Helmet. This is the desirable tan canvas pith helmet with both metal insignia plaques present. The tan canvas covering has no holes or tears. Also present is the grey leather chinstrap with sizing buckle. The red cloth inner lining is complete. The light leather sweat band shows a few wear spots and the stitching is loose from the helmet. The grey leather trim shows age and wear. This helmet is size-marked "56" on the sweat band...$225. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Eastern Front Medal, Army Visor Hat Eagle and Unidentified Pin. This is a set of three items. The first item is a nice Eastern Front Medal with original ribbon and a ribbon ring that appears to be marked. The second item is a Nazi Army visor hat eagle of heavy stamped aluminum missing its three prongs. The third item is an unidentified pin shaped like a bayonet with the word "BRUXELLES" on it...$45 set. SOLD

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Nazi Minefield Warning Pennant. This is an original small triangular pennant that was hung on a red wire pole to warn soldiers of a minefield. This printed cotton pennant measures about 4 7/8" high and has a sleeve along the upper edge...$15. SOLD

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Nazi "Der Triumph des Willens" Softcover Publication. This is an extremely fine copy of this early Nazi propaganda publication filled with page-after-page of interesting photos of the early days of the Nazi movement. The title translates to "Triumph of the Will". This publication is 60+ pages plus the cover which features an early picture of Hitler in SA uniform...$35. SOLD

Nazi Frauenschaft Pennant
Nazi Frauenschaft Pennant
Nazi "N.S. Frauenschaft" Multi-Piece Pennant. This is an outstanding larger pennant featuring gold foil trim and separately sewn red cloth swastika with separate black cloth patches. This pennant measures about 41" long by 30" high and has no holes or tears. This pennant would display well with your collection of N.S. Frauenschaft badges...$300. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Black Wound Badge Marked "L/14". This is stamped steel wound badge with most of its original black paint finish present. The reverse side bears the LDO maker's code "L/14" for Friedrich Orth of Vienna...$45. SOLD

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Nazi NSDAP Party Pin. This is a very fine example of the later war zinc party pin with painted finish. Most of the original paint is still present. This party pin is maker-coded "RZM M1/34" (Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen maker)...$40. SOLD

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