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Nazi Cased Mother's Cross in Gold with Neck Ribbon. This is an outstanding set with a near excellent Mother's Cross in Gold and full-length neck ribbon housed in the near excellent blue leatherette hard-hinged case. The case features the maker's marking "Richard Sieper & Sohne, Ludenscheid" on the inside cover padding. The case has the embossed gold depiction of the Mother' Cross on the cover top...$110. SOLD

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WWI German Matchbox Holder. This is an outstanding original brass matchbox holder featuring the "GOTT MIT UNS" roundel soldered onto the rectangular holder box. Nice WWI German item...$30. SOLD

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Nazi Artillery Officer's Shoulder Straps and Collar Tab. This is a set consisting of two matching Artillery Officer's sewn-in shoulder boards, each with a metal rank pip, and a Luftwaffe Artillery Officer's collar tab with embroidered silver/aluminum bullion rank gulls and wreath. All three items show some wear but still display nicely...$25 set. SOLD

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"Das Buch der NSDAP" by Walter Espe (1933 Edition). This is the desirable and sought after hard-cover 1933 edition with over 350 pages of early photos, ink drawings by Walter Heiland, and descriptive text on the rise of National Socialism in Germany. An outstanding reference book on the history and goals of the Nazi Party. This historic and heavy book features burgundy red leather binding with marbled hard-covers. The book title appears in embossed gold lettering on the spine leather. Overall fine condition with some surface abrasion to the lower end of the spine leather. This book was obtained by me from the family of U.S. Army Major William J. Salwocki who was the commanding officer of the Office of Military Government, Hersfeld (Bad Hersfeld) in Hesse during 1947-48. Major Salwocki obtained this book as part of the "de-Nazification" program wherein German civilians were ordered to surrender any Nazi items to the Allied Military Government. This heavy, thick book measures about 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"...$125. SOLD

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Nazi "Die Soldaten des Fuhrers im Felde" 3-D Photo Album with Stereo Viewer and Cards. This is a fine 1940 edition that covers the Polish Campaign. This set includes the 64-page album with thick hard covers with recessed fittings to store 100 stereo view cards (99 are present, one is missing). When viewed through the included metal-and-glass folding stereo viewer, these stereo view 3-D cards bring to life Hitler and his entourage, Nazi soldiers in the field and on parade, destroyed cities, POWs, Hitler's Mercedes Benz armored car, meeting up with Soviet troops, etc. This album shows some typical wear to the spine and page edges...$195. SOLD

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"Mein Kampf" White Cover Edition with Dedication Page and 1945 Notation. This is an exceptional and near excellent hard-cover "Mein Kampf" printed in 1937. This copy features a dedication page to a newly-married couple ink-signed by the Burgermeister (Mayor) in Varel-Land, Germany. This book also features an interesting historical ink notation "Compliments of the "I" Section Essex Scottish Regt 1945" with a Lt. Colonel's signature (worthy of further historical research which I haven't done)...$275. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi 1935 "Deutsch ist die Saar" Propaganda Plate. This is an outstanding near excellent 9 1/2 inch diameter porcelain plate depicting an SA "storm trooper" shaking hands with a resident of the Saar and having an eagle/swastika in the background. I've only seen a few of these plates since I began selling relics in 1979. The reverse side has maker's markings and a hanging cord threaded through two openings in the plate rim...$350. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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"Mein Kampf" with Protective Carton Deluxe 1938 Two-Volume Set. This is an outstanding and scarcer original set of Volumes I & II of "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Sometimes called the "Officer's Edition", both of these hard-bound books are in near excellent condition. Each book features a brown pebbled leather spine with gold embossed lettering, and a light brown cloth covering on the book cover pages. Also included with this set is the original fitted cardboard protective carton that shows some wear and separation on the edges. There is a hand-written German notation dated April 1, 1945 on the carton. This set also comes with a Nazi-era paper bookmark with advertising printed on it. This "Mein Kampf" set was obtained by me from the family of U.S. Army Major William J. Salwocki who was the commanding officer of the Office of Military Government, Hersfeld (Bad Hersfeld) in Hesse during 1947-48. Major Salwocki obtained this set as part of the "de-Nazification" program wherein German civilians were ordered to surrender any Nazi items to the Allied Military Government...$420 set. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Knife by Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath. This is an original HJ knife by the scarcer maker Kuno Ritter with that firm's RZM code stamped onto the blade center (RZM M7/3). The blade rates fine with no significant edge dings or modern sharpening. The blade has some rust pitting spots but still has an overall very nice appearance. The original leather blade washer is present. Both black checkered grip panels rate near excellent, with an excellent brass-based enamel HJ diamond-shaped inset present. The undented steel sheath retains about 60% of its original black glossy paint finish with some rust spots and freckling. The black leather belt loop is present but is missing the cross-strap with rivet. A nice HJ knife by a scarce maker...$275. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Propaganda Publication. This is an extremely fine booklet with the title roughly translating to "The Forced Peace of Versailles" by Karl Schossmeier. This booklet is 16 pages plus soft cover. The cover features a colorful drawing of three flags. The booklet measures about 5 1/2" X 8 1/2". Nice display item relating to the rise of National Socialism...$25. SOLD

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Nazi War Service Cross 2nd Class and RAD Cap Badge. This is a set of two original relics. The first is a near excellent War Service Cross 2nd Class without Swords. The second item is a RAD cap badge in near excellent condition but missing its mounting prongs...$55 set. SOLD

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Nazi SS Maroon Fez for the 13. W/SS Mountain Division "Handschar". This is an original near excellent fez that features an embroidered SS eagle in silver thread on black base, and an SS skull also in silver thread on black base. Both insignia are machine-sewn onto the fez with correct red thread. The fez also features the black multi-strand string tassel on top and a complete supple black leather sweatband inside the fez. This fez features a white stamped marking on the sweatband. Some light moth tracks to the otherwise near excellent fez. This exact fez was posted on a well-known militaria forum and received all positive comments...$895. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle with Leather Tab. This steel belt buckle with its original combat green paint finish and leather tab shows the effects of poor storage. It needs some cleaning up. The buckle is maker-marked "R.S. & S.". The leather tab is dated "1940"...$40. SOLD

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Nazi Army Officer's Dagger with Deluxe Hangers and Portapee. This is an exceptional and outstanding Army Officer's dagger with near mint blade showing all its cross-graining and having its original leather blade washer present. Lovely frosted silver finish eagle/swastika crossguard. Excellent light ivory-colored celluloid grip. Near excellent deluxe hangers. Near excellent matching pebbled steel scabbard is undented with matching frosted finish (missing one throat screw, easily replaced). This dagger comes with a silver/aluminum bullion portapee with the "acorn" bullion top cord having come unraveled. Nice set...$475. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger Hanger Chain. This is an original hanger chain for the Luftwaffe 1st Model Officer's dagger. This chain features the earlier nickel chain loops (9 loops and 11 loops), and a nickel-plated hanger clip marked "DRGM". The clip spring functions well. Each hanger chain has a nickel hanger hook on the end. Replace your broken or missing hanger chain...$125. SOLD

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Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by Robert Klaas. This is a nice earlier dagger with all nickel fittings and a lovely near excellent deep orange celluloid grip. The blade shows some age darkening and normal wear but no significant problems. The "kissing cranes" maker's marking for the Robert Klaas firm appears on the blade near the crossguard. The leather blade washer is missing (easily replaced) making the crossguard fit a little loose. The undented nickel-plated steel scabbard shows some age to the pebbled finish. Both scabbard throat screws are present. An earlier Klaas dagger at a reasonable price...$315. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Demjansk Campaign Sleeve Shield. This is an original Demjansk sleeve shield constructed of stamped steel and featuring one of its four mounting prongs still present. This larger shield measures about 3 1/2 inches high. Photos of this shield were recently posted on a well-known German militaria collectors forum and received only positive comments, with the comment that this shield was manufactured by an "unknown" maker...$125. SOLD

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Nazi DAF Women's Cap Badge. This is an extremely fine cap badge featuring an embroidered cloth center with the DAF "geared wheel and swastika" emblem plus oakleaves in gold thread within a gold-gilt metal frame. The reverse side features both brass mounting pins and the RZM markings...$35. SOLD

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Nazi "Schloss Klessheim" Castle Oyster Fork by Krupp-Berndorf. This is an outstanding very fine 6 1/8" long oyster fork marked on the handle with the official eagle/swastika pattern of the Klessheim palace. This silver-plated oyster fork features the Krupp-Berndorf maker's marking that the firm used from 1938 through 1945. The fork handle also features silver plate weight or thickness numbers. Schloss Klessheim is located in Austria not far from Adolf Hitler's home in Berchtesgaden. The Klessheim palace was used by Third Reich government leaders for hosting foreign heads of state and for diplomatic banquets...$150. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe Watch Fob with Leather Strap. This is a scarcer original item featuring a silver-finished fob with the legend "RESERVE LUFTSPERR ABTEILUNG 207" surrounding a Luftwaffe eagle/swastika. The reverse side features a wreath surrounding the words "KRIEGS-WEIHNACHTEN 1940". The original leather strap is complete and supple, and features a chromed steel buckle...$125. SOLD

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