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Nazi Relic Price Guide
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"WW2 German Army Dagger 7"
Nazi Army Dagger by Tiger. This is a very fine example with a stunning near excellent deep orange celluloid handle grip. Both the dagger and the undented nickeled scabbard feature a nice even dark patina to the finish. The dagger crossguard has a nicely-detailed eagle/swastika on the obverse, with a blank reverse having some scratches. The blade has most of its original cross-graining and features the desirable "TIGER, SOLINGEN" maker's logo. The original leather blade washer is present. The blade has an edge ding and short scratch near the blade middle, and there is a very slight warp to the blade end. The pebbled nickeled scabbard has both of its original throat screws…$475. SOLD

"WW2 German Iron Cross 7"
"WW2 German Iron Cross 7b"
Nazi 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class with "100" Maker's Code. This is a nice original Iron Cross with black-painted iron center and silver-finished frame. This Iron Cross features a swastika on the obverse center, and the maker's code "100" (Rudolf Wachtler & Lange maker) stamped onto the mounting pin. Most of the original black paint finish is present on the iron center with some surface aging and dirt (I haven't cleaned this Iron Cross)...$185. SOLD

"WW2 German Police Dress Bayonet 7"
"WW2 German Police Dress Bayonet 7b"
Nazi Police Dress Bayonet with Frog. This is a very fine example with heavy nickeled fittings throughout. The chromed steel blade is the typical "cut-down" variety that measures about 13" long and has some typical freckling on the cut-down area. The blade bears double maker's markings for the Alexander Coppel, Solingen firm. The extremely fine stag handle grips are attached with two rivets. The obverse grip features an aluminum Police eagle/swastika emblem. There is some finish dings and flaking to the top of the pommel. The undented scabbard has a tight black leather covering and nice undented nickeled fittings. The top scabbard fitting is marked "S.Ko.I. 836." and the crossguard is marked "S.Ko.I. 1267.". The leather frog show some honest wear and is missing two rivets…$495. SOLD

"WW2 German Red Cross EM Hewer 7"
Nazi Red Cross EM Hewer with Frog. This is a very fine example with near excellent black grips. Heavy nickeled crossguard features the Nazi Red Cross emblem on the langet. The 10 1/2" heavy steel blade features the "sawback" top edge and is unmarked. The unsharpened blade has some freckling on both sides (I haven't attempted to clean it as it is a consignment item). The original leather blade washer is present. The handle pommel has a nice smooth finish. The metal scabbard has no significant dings and retains most of its original glossy black paint finish, with some rust and age spots. Both original scabbard screws are present. The very nice black leather frog is maker-marked…$525. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Banner with Pole Sleeve. This is a near excellent very long multi-piece, double-sided Hitler Youth banner featuring a separately sewn "Hitler Jugend" swastika diamond design on both sides. This banner measures about 4' 9" x 21' 4" and could have been used at major Hitler Youth events such as the Nuremberg rallies. This banner has vibrant colors with no holes or tears and just a few minor stains. The banner features a sewn pole sleeve along one of the shorter ends. This banner would make an impressive display item (I couldn't get the whole banner in the photo). An outstanding Hitler Youth item…$495. SOLD

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Nazi Luftschutz Air Raid Warning Service Cuff Title. This is a near excellent example with the inscription "L.S. WARNDIENST" machine-embroidered (BeVo) in grey on green. This example measures about 17 1/2 inches long and has part of the woven maker's marking on one end…$50. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth "Shooting Attendant" Cuff Stripe. This is an original BeVo weave short cuff stripe with the embroidered inscription "h.j.=Schiesswart". The cuff stripe measures about 5 3/4 inches long and is in near excellent condition…$30. SOLD

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Nazi State Service Flag with Halyard Rope. This is an exceptional and LARGE example of the desirable State Service Flag. The flag measures about 6'5" x 10' 4" and would probably have flown over a government building. This flag rates extremely fine with no significant stains or tears, and just some scattered small moth holes. It has reinforced corner patches and edge stitching. The flag has vibrant colors and features both the eagle/swastika and stylized swastika designs (I couldn't get the whole flag in the photo). The flag has a white halyard rope sleeve along one edge with a halyard rope having one loop end with a swivel metal device, and one rope end. There is one expertly-done period sewn repair. This is an outstanding flag that would make an impressive display item…$495. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Musician's "Schwalbennesters" (Swallow's Nests) Shoulder Insignia. This is an excellent matched pair of "swallow's nests" that were worn by Hitler Youth musicians like their drum and bugle corps. These insignia were attached to the HJ tunic shoulder by the black-finished steel hooks on the back side. These swallow's nests do not glow under the blacklight and were purchased with a pile of other original Third Reich memorabilia. Each shoulder insignia measures about 9 inches long…$150 pair. SOLD

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Nazi SA Member's Stickpin Badge. This is a near excellent stickpin with the SA eagle being of nickel metal and having a black-painted swastika. The mounting pin is brass. The eagle's wingspan measures about 1 inch across…$25. SOLD

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Nazi Swastika Armband. This is an original printed cotton swastika armband that I purchased years ago. It has sewn ends. The armband appears to have had a small circular badge attached to it at one time. Extremely fine…$75. SOLD

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Nazi SS EM Sleeve Eagle Insignia. This is an original SS EM sleeve eagle with a silver thread SS eagle on a black wool patch. This insignia has some moth damage on the swastika, and brown stains on the eagle...$95. SOLD

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Nazi War Souvenirs with Original G.I.'s Capture Paper. This historic set consists of a near excellent larger DAF Labor Corps aluminum plaque, a near excellent embroidered swastika armband with sewn ends, and the original near excellent hand-written "capture paper" listing both items. The DAF plaque measures about 7 7/8 inches in diameter. I don't get such nice items with the capture paper very often...$195. SOLD

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Nazi Albanian W/SS Volunteer Sleeve Shield Insignia. This is an embroidered sleeve shield for a volunteer in the "21. Waffen Gebirgs-Division der SS Skanderberg". This patch has some moth damage but is still sound and original...$50. SOLD

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Nazi Croatian W/SS Volunteer Sleeve Shield Insignia. This is an embroidered sleeve shield for a volunteer in the "13th SS Mountain Division Handschar". This patch has some moth damage but is original...$40. SOLD

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Imperial Prussian EM Belt Buckle. This is an extremely fine earlier belt buckle having a smooth brass body with the nickel "GOTT MIT UNS" face plate…$65. SOLD

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Nazi K98 Bayonet by Herder with Matching Numbers. This is the standard issue K98 bayonet with very nice black bakelite grip panels. The bayonet has been re-blued and the blade has been edge sharpened. The steel scabbard has some surface dents and has been painted black at some point in time. Both the bayonet and the scabbard have matching serial numbers and maker's markings. The date "1939" appears on the scabbard, with "39" stamped on the blade spine. The bayonet scabbard is missing its throat screw…$95. SOLD

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Nazi-era Leather Folding Pocket Photo Holder with RAD Man's Photo. This is an extremely fine black pebbled leather folding pocket photo holder with silver embossed photo studio name and address along with advertising copy on the front and back. Inside the holder is a very nice black-and-white photo of a RAD labor corps man. The holder, when closed, measures about 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches…$20. SOLD

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Nazi "RDB" Membership Badge. This is a near excellent silver-finished metal badge for the RDB (Reichsbund der Deutschen Beamten) which was the Reich Federation of German Civil Servants. This badge features a maker's logo and "GES. GESCH." marking on the reverse side. The badge measures about 7/8 inch wide...$35. SOLD

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Nazi Insignia Removed from Cap. This is a nicely matched set of embroidered insignia patches that have been neatly removed from either an M43 cap or an overseas cap…$19 set. SOLD

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